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ECDC's three-part mission is to provide:

  • A demonstration preschool for research, observation and practicum purposes
  • Quality care and early education for children ages two through five from the College and neighboring community
  • An active model of child advocacy in the Charleston community

Program Goals

Our program goals support the missions of both ECDC and the College of Charleston, which states:

"The College actively seeks to admit a diverse group of students who excel academically, individuals who will thrive while engaging in original inquiry and creative expression in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom. This community provides students the opportunity to realize their intellectual and personal potential and to become responsible, productive members of society."


By providing a demonstration program committed to excellence, children:

  • explore and develop their interests and abilities.
  • develop self-direction as learners and citizens.
  • understand and practice tolerance and respect for others.
  • are fully included in all dimensions of our program.
By providing a supportive environment and resources, parents:
  • feel accepted and welcomed.
  • express confidence that their children are being well cared for and nurtured.
  • engage as partners and advocates for high quality early childhood education.

As an integral part of the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance, we:

  • support the academic goals of faculty and students across campus.
  • enhance the development of student employees' professional skills and dispositions.
  • add to the knowledge base about early childhood education and child development.
  • keeping these goals in focus is an ongoing process that we use multiple means to assess.

See our Program Goals Assessment Plan (pdf).

ECDC belongs to the National Coalition for Campus Child Development Centers. See the N4C position statement on campus-based programs

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